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Contemporary aesthetics, relaxing atmosphere, friendly service

CALYPSO beach hotel is named after the beautiful goddess of Greek mythology. The legendary Queen Calypso, called by many and as the queen of women, lived on a beautiful island, Ogygia.

The indescribable beauty of the goddess dazzled travelers who when visited the island they wanted to stay there forever.

Among them, the resourceful Odysseus, from the well-known Homeric Epic. Odysseus was ecstatic by the beauty of Calypso and stayed with her before returning to his kingdom, for seven years.

The myth of the goddess Calypso was also the inspiration of the hotel owners for both its name and philosophy of the hospitality services enjoyed by its guests.

Careful, contemporary aesthetics, a relaxing atmosphere for the mind and body, friendly service are some of the elements that the visitor feels from the very first moment.